The Grand County Blues Society has continued to grow in recent years with increased attendance at Blues From The Top, more Blue Stars served than ever before, and expanding our local school and library programs. Your continued support has been instrumental in our success.

As we continue to grow, we are refocusing our efforts on Blues From The Top and Blue Star Connection. Part of that process is transitioning out our membership program. We will no longer offer Grand County Blues Society memberships. Current memberships will expire on their anniversary date. Members whose memberships expire on or after June 27, 2020 will still get receive their free tickets that are part of their associated membership package, this includes Lifetime members.

We will continue to produce and grow our signature music events like Blues From The Top, New Year’s Eve show, Blue Star Connection shows, and additional shows throughout the year.

The Grand County Blues Society’s mission is to promote the American musical art form known as “The Blues” by hosting live performances by Blues musicians and providing events to educate the public about the history of Blues music.

Thank you for your continued support of the Grand County Blues Society.


The Grand County Blues Society Board of Directors

February, 7, 2020


Current members can check membership status logging in Here

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