About GCBS

For over 16 years the Grand County Blues Society (GCBS) has been following a mission that was created in the very first meetings.

We have not lost our way but rather tried to lead the way. With innovation, tremendous volunteer effort and creativity, we have managed to stay ambitious and dedicated to the love and excitement of live blues. We have produced 15 festivals in Grand County and we have presented well over 200 shows along the way.

We have taken Blues in the Schools to every school in Grand County and given blues history to kids that started with us in the 1st grade to become seniors in college. We have been involved in all our libraries, creating a musical choice, from CDs to DVDs to actual instruments that can be taken home just like a book. We named it “Check out the Music.” We have looked after the kids wherever and whenever we have found them.

We are an all-volunteer board and we have remained strong with the help of our friends and the businesses that continue to support our mission of bringing national touring acts to our valley. We hope you will get to know us and join us as we move forward supporting the Blues.

Board of Directors & Program Directors

retta yarbough
Retta Yarbrough

Programs Director | Blues In The Schools

Retta.Yarbrough@ grandblues.org

Tim Hubbard
Tim Hubbard

Festival Producer | Sponsorship Coordinator

(970) 531-2691

tim.hubbard@ grandblues.org

Art Ferriri
Art Ferrari

Blue Star Connection | . Treasurer  | Accountant

(970) 531-2549

art.ferrari@ granblues.org

In loving memory
John Wayne Catt

In loving memory of our giving Founder



Eric Mowrey
Eric Mowrey

Public Relations | Secretary

(303) 478-3169

eric.mowrey@ grandblues.org

Kari Jo
KariJo McInturff

Community Information

(970) 531-9810

kariJo.McInturff@ grandblues.org

Maria Chavez
Maria Chavez

Festival Producer | Talent Bookings | President

(303) 921-3316

maria.chavez@ grandblues.org

David Brandt
David Brandt

Membership and Event Director


david.brandt@ grandblues.org


General Mailbox:

PO BOX 1530
Winter Park, Colorado 80482

Band Promo:

Send your professional Electronic Press Kit in Adobe PDF format to: booking@grandblues.org

Physical Press Kits can be mailed to:

PO BOX 1530
Winter Park, Colorado 80482

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