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The Fabulous Thunder Birds
CJ Chenier
C. J. Chenier
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Giving the Youth a Stage

Blues From The Top has always been dedicated to the future of the young musicians in our midst. We have always seen the talent rush to the stage and excite our audiences. These artists have not just been young, they have been extremely talented and hard working. It is a pleasure for us to raise money for them to have perform along with the adults. We created a place for them to shine and they have been a huge asset to our event.

We have never used recorded cd’s but rather we use live music for our set changes. We have had kids and families come for all over the country to perform at Blues From The Top in front of thousands of festival goers. It has been something that sponsors have generously supported and we have watched some of the kids actually grow up at BFTT.

The kids learn how to play live with other kids and learn music they might not have planned on being able to learn. They have taken to the challenge with great courage and made the festival a place where dreams can and do begin. The kids have their own stage and sound system and as the future continues we have plans to instruct more and even venture in to sound and lights.

The kids range in ages and we encourage the learning of the Blues, but we also allow the kids to have a voice that matters to them. This is a great foundation for young music fans and a chance for us to enjoy the music they bring us from their world as well.

I think if you see what these kids are capable of, you will be one of the adults in the front row. We look forward to seeing what the youngsters have planned for the future.

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