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The 13th Annual Blues From The Top Music Festival

“I woke up to the sound of music” Sadie and Deanna were singing words of wisdom “Let it Be, Let it Be” This was just one of the special moments of the weekend. Sadie and Grace doing a stirring tribute to Taylor and all the kids we lost this past year has to be one of the moments that will live on in our history.

Number 13 was more than lucky if you were in the crowd or on the stage. This festival has grown into a musical healing ground. I don’t think I have ever been to one that I could put above what the artists and fans bring to Winter Park each year. Attendance was the biggest ever, and a growing festival is a must! Thank to everyone that journeyed here. We are not in the handiest spot but then neither are these views and this crisp mountain air.

Everyone seems to have a favorite act from the big stage and now I think they even start to pick a favorite from the Keeping The Blues Alive stage. What a great group of youngsters we had this year. On and off stage, these futures stars proved they belonged in Winter Park. They worked very hard with several jams and filling in the set breaks with great music.

In a year we paid tribute to B.B King, Chris Cain actually brought him to life. Eric Gales had the stage packed with his fans, all of which played the festival. He has a thing going on that has to be experienced, sound familiar. The Gospel All-Stars had never been together until a brief meeting the night before and then the morning they performed was something to behold. Every song had a meaning, all of them helped the other one get the songs just right.

We seem to be rich with keys this year, Reese Wynans and Jim Pugh, Bart Szop (from The Boogie Boys), Deanna Bogart as well as some new cats I had not seen before, what is it about the B3 and soul oozing out of the operators?

We had an amazing year and kept to our mission to make this a well rounded musical event. The family friendly concept is backstage and out front and we are proving together that this is a good method.

The volunteers proved again that they enjoy doing a good job for the love of this event. Thanks to all the sponsors that put hard earned money to our use and make it possible to do this. Thanks to everyone who pitched in and did a job that needed done. Next Year we meet on June 25/26th. See you then!

—John Catt (Grand County Blues Society)
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Check out some of the great photos from this amazing event below!

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Richard Hawes (Evergreen, CO)
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Jarekus Singleton
Chris Cain
Zac Harmon
Michaela Rae accepts a very well-desierved award from GCBS: Future of The Blues Artist of the Decade
Danielle Schnebelen
Roman Sobus (Chicago, IL)
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Marilyn Stringer (Phoenix, AZ)