First Annual Spirit Lake Blues Festival a Grand Success!

Ana Popovic 11

The Spirit Lake Blues Festival gathered about 800 enthusiastic blues fans on the shores of Grand Lake. The day was perfect for sitting close to the stage or lounging on the lawn.

Ana Popovic put on one of her best sets in her long Colorado history. She started with a fury and she ended with fire. The crowd stayed for the whole set.

Kara Grainger fronted My Blue Sky and it was a match made in Southern Rock heaven. Kara taught MBS a few of her great tunes and Kara’s guitar work and vocals were loved by the crowd.

Austin Young and Michaela Rae dueled for 60 minutes to a draw. John Weeks Band, The Symbols and the incomparable Cary Morin held the crowd all day long. Paradox with Makenzie Culver and Emma Marie kept the set breaks exciting and the crowd loved them. Locals Kiana Ledin and Rachel Sanderson joined in the fun.

By the end of the day Grand Lake had a spectacular result. If there were “spirits” there, they were happy ! Thank you blues fan for all the support.